You Have Ants In The Kitchen?

You Have Ants In The Kitchen? Here Is How To Efficiently Get Rid Of Them

You Have Ants In The Kitchen? Chemical products are very effective in the fight against ants, but they are harmful to the environment, humans and house pets. It is good to choose a natural and environment friendly solution.

You have seen columns of ants in the kitchen, balcony or hallway at least once in your life.


Here are some advices to help you deal with ants in ecologically acceptable way.

The remains of food in trash cans, crumbs on the floor and dirty dishes are magnet for ants. Different scents attract, but can also repeal ants, especially the smell of eucalyptus or tea tree.

Mix 5 ml of eucalyptus oil and 5 ml of tea tree oil. The resulting mixture you will get is totally natural and effective scent for chasing ants. Another good mixture is the one made of baking soda, sugar and yeast. Sprinkle ants’ path with any of these mixtures. Sugar will attract and baking soda and yeast will eliminate them. A good trick is to leave an open a jar of honey in a specific area – the ants will get stuck in it.

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