Sugar Is the Enemy

Sugar Is the Enemy

Sugar Is the Enemy:- Are you one of those people who suffer from diabetes? Well, as you probably already know, “sugar is the enemy”.

I think you could say I’m one of the fortunate one’s that doesn’t have diabetes so I’m literally eliminated from buying all those lancing devices, testers, etc.


So why would I be writing a story about sugar being the enemy? Well, earlier in 2015 my doctor told me I had a high blood sugar level that I needed to be more aware of, and that if I didn’t do anything now, I could possibly end up one of the millions of individuals who would need to be supporting those greedy drug companies that want you to have diabetes and many other conditions.

Don’t believe me? Fine, just watch all those drug commercials and you’ll get the message!

I admit that I used to not pay any attention to amount of sugar I was taking in and that is most likely why my blood sugar was up near the danger zone for diabetes.

After some more research on the subject, I set a daily maximum of how much sugar I could take in everyday. As an adult, and sometimes I question that, I discovered that I’m allowed up to 30 grams of sugar daily.

What my research brought to my attention is the fact that almost everything has sugar, and the difference is, some are made by Mother Nature and some are manufactured.

Naturally, those made my mother nature include fruits and some vegetables, and I’m sure you can tell what the manufactured ones are. Yes, cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins etc. are out so get used to it or keep supporting the drug companies.

It really means changing your overall eating habit if manufactured products are ruling your life.

It may not be easy to substitute the high sugar things we seem to like eating, but you can do it with a little practice.

I used to eat crackers daily with my lunch, but after watching the sugar levels in each box, I changed to the lower sugar ones and find that I’m eating a lot less and have literally changed what I put into my mouth. I’ve found other items that are very low with some products that don’t have any sugars at all.

These are just a few tips that may help to control your sugar intake.

Just get into a habit of checking the nutritional facts of almost every package you put into your shopping cart.

Your reward is better health, being a happier person and freedom from having to deal with a known killer of millions of humans every year. You may even experience some weight loss if you cut down on sugar intake and that is a good thing!

Article Source: Timothy_L_Emmons

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