SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE have something in common, whether they are freelancers or a simple startup. There is always a guideline that helped both of them to achieve success. The book I’m reading recently (John C. Maxwell – “How people think successful”) speaks about this. However, instead of talking about the commonalities of various business genres, the author makes known some common characteristics of successful people. Yes, because although they are completely different people, geniuses such as Bill Gates or Larry Page have some very similar features that made them successful.

Note the athletes. Success stories can be achieved in different sports, but repair, routine and in their ambition are quite similar: they want to be the best, they work every day for it and give the maximum in every task they do. No one can reach the top over day and night. The important thing is to read these tips, you can not only be aware of some features, but also know exactly what not to do. By knowing what must be done, more easily you know that the path away is probably a step back.


It was not by chance that one of the first articles I wrote at my blog was on how to develop personal and professional discipline. Successful people trace a goal and go after what they want. Not rest until they get success.

Here are some tips to maintain discipline:

  • Set a time to wake up every day, like a routine of a company, creating a very productive day
  • Put on paper all the goals you want for the day, month and year
  • Set financial goals to achieve
  • Learn not to say things that are not within your objectives
  • Always think about what you want for the future and not be content with this


The reader thought only I who spoke of this law? Deceives himself. All successful people use the Pareto Law in their day-to-day life. Some form of unconscious and having never heard of it, but it does not matter. The truth is that focus most of their energies on what is really necessary. No use wasting time on Facebook or read magazines that do not interest him if it really will not contribute to get more customers. Concentrate on what you want to achieve and spend your energy there. If you feel that your computer time passes and you do not know how, try using the Rescue Time.

To remain constantly do the same is a mistake. An error that paid dearly after a few years, it begins to stand back and watching your competitors. Take the example of Google. Could quietly be in your corner, only leading search engines. But I did not want it and tried to manufacture Gmail or Google Plus. This is because its founders know that keep the motivation at work is the fact think about tomorrow and try new tools, because this makes it become more difficult to be achieved by its competitors. Someone today wanted to launch a search engine to beat Google would have to be much more than that .so they are not only making money, they are going great job.

How often do you no longer had that wonderful idea before bedtime and some following days she no longer has all the logic? Do not worry because it does not happened just to you. Anxiety makes mediocre business ideas into something fantastic when they arise in our mind. The problem is that a few days later no longer have logic. Before starting something yours, talk to your friends, exchange ideas and make a market analysis. See if this is really a necessity for people and if there is competition. Warren Buffet before buying shares in a company always fixes a point: if the product that this company creates will be necessary to (almost) always or not. This is a way to know if this company will be able to continue to generate millions in the coming years. One of the world’s richest men ponder before you spend your money, why you should not do it?

I will refer back to the importance of the agenda and I hope that all people start scheduling their day. Having a schedule is something essential to achieve guide. This allows you to know where you’re going to walk today, tomorrow or the next day. This attitude prevents waste time and above all forget any of your tasks.

Rely on someone who has achieved success and is where you’re going is a great way to keep yourself motivated and have guidelines to enable it to achieve success. In this article, I gave you 5 tips that demonstrate essential and which shared with most successful people. The same problem is to keep most of these characteristics for a long time. That is, organize the day for example is something that easily can for one week. The hard part is to do that for a year. The question is whether you are willing to do that in order to succeed.
And the reader, what do you think of our tips? What successful people do you usually go? What they have been taught?

Hug and good business!

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