Sinus :- 7 Best Natural Remedies for Clogged Sinuses

Sinus :- 7 Best Natural Remedies for Clogged Sinuses

Sinus :- The nose consists of a complex system of narrow channels and eight sinus cavities in the bone filled with air which is connected to the eyes and ears. The nose allows inhalation of air from the external environment and processed before it reaches the lungs.

It is therefore very important to keep the health of the airways and preventing flu and colds, sinusitis or allergies. This leads to nasal congestion known as rhinitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane and often leads to sinusitis.


Here are the best natural remedies that you can make yourself at home and are effective in sinusitis:

Try to provide a steady flow of mucus in the nasal cavity. Shower with hot water and inhale while water evaporates to experience rapid improvement. Moisture opens clogged airways and helps with sinus blockage. Take one teaspoon of common salt and mix it with a cup of hot water. Put a few drops of this solution in the nose with your head leaning back. When the solution comes to your sinuses, you will feel a relief and appeasement. Because the sinus infection is caused by inflammation of the lining of the nose, turmeric as a spice can help because it has inflammatory properties.

    • The active ingredient curcumin helps because it heats the sinus cavities and cleans the airways.
    • Spicy food helps because it improves the flow of mucus through the airways. When you open the outer channel of the sinus, you will feel relief.
    • Boil about half a liter and a few drops of oil of wild oregano and inhale it. It’s best to cover your head with a towel to be able to breathe more steam. The oil of oregano is a powerful remedy for infections due to its antibiotic properties.
    • Chop onions into pieces, place them under your nose and inhale. Eating raw onions can help in the treatment of clogged sinuses.
  • The hot tomato juice is an excellent home remedy for clogged sinuses. Boil one cup of tomato juice with tablespoon of chopped garlic, half a tablespoon of chili sauce, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a little salt.

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