Plant Indoor For A Super-Clean Air

Plant Indoor For A Super-Clean Air – NASA Explains

Plant Indoor are a solution for the part of us that yearns for nature. Green, numerous studies have shown they reduce stress, help hyperactive children for control of behavior, and improve concentration and mood…

In addition, plants greatly improve the air quality in our homes. According to a research conducted by NASA, indoor plants can remove from the air as much as 87 percent of the pollutants, and provide with numerous benefits:


Bedroom – Aloe vera and sansevieria


It is wise to put aloe vera where we sleep because, unlike many other indoor plants, it releases oxygen during the night while absorbing carbon dioxide. At the same time it purifies oxygen of benzene and formaldehyde, toxins that are found in many cleaning products.

Sansevieria is another plant that you should put in the bedroom because her specialty is converting carbon dioxide to oxygen.

Kitchen – klorofitum (Chlorophytum)


While you cook, in the kitchen is produced a lot of smoke and steam and the klorofitum will absorb part of the “dirty” air. It is not demanding in terms of water, light and temperature, and removes carbon monoxide, which is produced by cooking on gas, as well as carbon dioxide, smog, benzene and other unwanted gases that are drawn from the environment into our home.

Dining room- areca palm

areca palm

This plant removes many toxic substances from the room (formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, xylene, etc.), and it`s an excellent herbal humidifier. According to NASA`s research, areca palm of 1.8 m delivers about a liter of water in 24 hours, which makes it an excellent competitor to electric humidifiers.

Areca palm grows to 1.8 meters in the air, will produce enough oxygen for one person. It is considered the best plants to clean the air.

Living Room – Peaceful lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) and devil’s ivy

Spathiphyllum wallisii

Easy to maintain, this beautiful house plant not only reduces harmful chemical vapors from the furniture, paint of the walls and the smell of new furniture but eliminates harmful radiation from monitors and TV screens.

Devil’s ivy is best to be placed in the living room or the office because of its ability to remove formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds of the air.

Bathroom – green lily or mountain palm

Green lily

Green lily or mountain palm will remove formaldehyde, and also will humidify the air. The formaldehyde is mostly found in deodorants and disinfectants, so these plants can be kept in the bathroom.

Office and work room – spatifiliumspatifilium

Office and work room are ideal for spatifilium which absorbs toxins from synthetic materials or colors, and neutralizes radiation of electronic devices, place it near a television or computer.

Gerber goes everywhere …


In the end, plant a gerbera in a pot because it removes benzene from the air, which can be found in paints, varnishes, insecticides and detergents, and it will clean the air and fill it with oxygen during the night, while absorbing excess of carbon dioxide.

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