Natural Sunscreen Make Your Own 100%

Natural Sunscreen

Make Your Own 100% Natural Sunscreen :- Knowing that whatever you apply on your skin goes into your bloodstream, we all want to use natural cosmetics, even when it comes to funds for sunbathing. If you care about what goes into your organism through your skin than make this simple recipe for tanning oil and enjoy its benefits. It contains three precious ingredients for nurturing skin: carrots, olive oil and walnuts.

This recipe for Natural Sunscreen is obtained by immersion of medicinal ingredients in the oil. Its SPF is about five, so it is recommended to use when the skin is little darkened or when the sun is not as strong as in the middle of the afternoon. Skin applied with this oil will become soft, nurtured and protected.


Carrots are full of beta-carotene, a powerful oxidant that protects the skin from UV rays. Studies have confirmed that natural beta-carotene is a much better and healthier than synthetic one used in sunscreen creams.

Walnuts also contain lots of vitamin E, which is yet another great antioxidant and is necessary for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin. It contains healthy fats that possess anticancer properties.

Thanks to the high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin A and E, olive oil protects the skin against the sun and acts great on sensitive skin.

The ingredients should be soaked in oil for a whole month, so we suggest that you prepare this Natural Sunscreen as soon as possible and have it ready for when you go to sea.

Ingredients needed:

– 6 to 7 young green walnuts

– 1 big carrot or two smaller ones

– Cold pressed olive oil

Method of preparation:

Crack the walnuts open, ground the carrot(s) and then put them in a glass jar. Pour olive oil in the jar enough so it covers the ingredients. Place the jar in the sun and let it stand still there for a whole month. Remember to occasionally stir the mixture. Once the time has came, strain the mixture and put the resulting oil in bottle.

Tip: If you cannot find young green walnuts, you can use ripe ones i.e. already solid walnuts which you need to crush into smaller pieces before you put them in the mixture.

If you store the resulting oil in a cool, dark place, you can use it next year.

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