Diabetic Breakfast

Diabetic Breakfast :- What to Eat and What to Not Eat for a Diabetic Breakfast

Diabetic Breakfast:- 

Anyone who has diabetes surely knows that they have to make sure that they eat right at all times in order to keep their blood sugar levels where they should be. However, sometimes that can be hard, especially when some of the bad foods are so good. However, there are ways people can eat good without having to risk their health and what better time to do so at the beginning of the day with breakfast? For those who want to know more, this article will discuss what a diabetic breakfast should and shouldn’t involve.


Shakes may seem like they cannot be a part of a diabetic breakfast but the fact of the matter is that there are great shakes out there that would be perfect for breakfast for a diabetic. One great shake can be made by pouring one cup of fat free milk or non-fat yogurt into a blender and blend it with 1/2 cup of fruit, a teaspoon of wheat germ and one teaspoon of nuts or nut better. Then just add ice and let it blend! What people will get out of this is an amazing shake that is good for them and will give them a great start to their day.

Another great option people have when putting together a great tasting diabetic breakfast is to have a baked potato with cheese. Now, this isn’t a typical breakfast meal but it is good. A baked potato should be covered with low fat cheddar cheese and then some salsa should be poured on top of that. It should then be heated up again until the cheese melt. It’s simple, doesn’t take very long and tastes great!

So, what kinds of foods should diabetics stay away from when having a diabetic breakfast? Foods that contain simple carbohydrates should definitely be kept away from the diabetic breakfast table because they break down fast and are absorbed fast, which means that the sugar in the simple carbohydrates causes a quick spike in blood sugar levels. Saturated fats should also be kept away because they can cause heart disease and high cholesterol, which can make having diabetes much more complicated. we want to keep it simple when planning our meals. So, in the end, there are plenty of good things people can eat when putting together a diabetic breakfast, however, there are some things that are important to stay away from as well.

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