Benefits of Giving Thanks

Benefits of Giving Thanks

Benefits of Giving Thanks :- A thankful spirit is a good practice to improve your mind, body, soul, spirit, and relationships. The benefits of thankfulness reflect in many dimensions of life. Let’s explore a few of them.

When you ponder the premise of the idea that Benefits of Giving Thanks effects your life, what things come to mind? How does it reveal itself?


Some ideas that come to mind for me are:

Thankfulness sets my mind in a place to receive the goodness that is around me. I notice the generosity of God and others. It also helps to reframe the circumstances I am in. It is common for me to ask myself, “What good or positive element can I discover from what is happening?” I then focus on that rather than the frustrating elements that can begin to take me in a downward spiral of thoughts and attitudes.

Thankfulness makes my body feel lighter, and I stand up straighter. For us all, our immune systems are stronger, we’re bothered with less aches and pains, and we may even have lower blood pressure.

Thankfulness helps us to have positive emotions and more balanced hormones. It helps with experiencing joy and happiness and having a general contented attitude. One can be more optimistic, alive, and awake.

Thankfulness improves our relationship with our Creator. He created us to enjoy life. As we are thankful, it expresses back to Him our acknowledgement of the goodness He has opened up to us. Most likely, we all have experienced giving a good gift to someone. How your relationship affected with that person doesn’t respond? What about if that person responds in an unappreciative manner? Now remember a time when the receiver expressed genuine gratitude. How did that impact your relationship?

Thankfulness improves my relationships. It is much easier to be around a person who is expressing the positive things in life. It is a life-giving time. Time well spent. People who are prone to complain about others, their health, their relationships with others or their circumstances quickly drive others away. It is a draining experience that you soon find ways to avoid.

How do you express your thanks? You can do it verbally. When doing so make it short, clear, appropriate, and genuine. Don’t border on flattery or stretching the truth. Another helpful way is to write it down. Many keep a journal. You can keep a journal that records the goodness around you or about a specific person. When you seem overwhelmed in a work situation, home setting, or a relationship, begin a journal and write down one good thing each day about the topic. Check at the end of two weeks on how that situation or relationship has evolved.

Some of the things I’m thankful for are: my family, including my two adorable granddaughters; my relationship with God, my life’s work, the country I live in, the country I’m from, the beauty of nature, good health, adequate finances, and many friends. What’s on your list?

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